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Joyce Hatto - The Ultimate Recording Hoax - Part 5

This CD is not what it seems:

Hatto Brahms


It's another direct rip-off of a major recording on a major label


Example 6:

Joyce Hatto plays Brahms - or rather, no she doesn't, Ashkenazy does - and no, isn't not the mysterious René Köhler and the National Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, it's the Vienna Philharmonic under Haitink.

A second orchestral recording proves once more to be a direct copy of a major label release, this time one of Decca's first CD issues, dating from back in 1982. No small names here - giants in every sense, in conductor, soloist and orchestra...


HattoGranteLeft channel = 'Joyce Hatto' - Right channel = Ashkenazy
Decca CD, 1982

2nd Concerto - Finale: Allegretto grazioso - DOWNLOAD MP3


The Ashkenazy CD used to fake Hatto:






We have yet to investigate a Hatto recording that has not proved to be a hoax.


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*Sleevenotes included wherever present in original CD booklet. We provide sleevenotes either direct from record companies' digital source material or from our own scans. In the latter case we normally scan English language content and libretti only. Scanned notes pass through OCR software and can be treated as text files - all are offered as Adobe Acrobat PDFs.

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