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Joyce Hatto - The Ultimate Recording Hoax - Part 6

The Internet Hard At Work - Latest Claims

Since the story broke on 15th February, 2007, all around the world music-lovers, many of whom paid money in good faith for CDs they believed to be the work of Joyce Hatto, have been sifting through record collections looking to find matches for the Hatto discs.

Within a short space of time a number of alleged matches have been made and the finding published on message boards, chat-rooms and elsewhere, as well as being communicated by e-mail to Pristine Audio.

These are some of the matches claimed. Please note that Pristine Audio has not substantiated any of the claims made on this page - we are merely relaying what others have reported and published elsewhere.


"Dear Andrew,

I have the complete set of the Hatto Mozart sonatas and one CD of Haeblers Mozart for Denon. I just compared K.284, which is on Denon CO-79399 and CAIPO 90522 respectively.

By first hearing both seem to be the same. In track 01 on the Haebler disc you can hear someone cough in the background at 2.55/56. The same cough can be heard on the Hatto CD exactly at the same place in the track.

I loaded both tracks in Goldwave and tried to compare this segment (see the attached file). I changed the volume of the Hatto to 150% and inverted the waveform. After this I think everyone can see the coincidence.

Best regards, Jochen Lechner"


"Hatto CACD 92742 Dukas Complete piano music is taken from; SIMAX PSC1177 Pianist: Tor Espen Aspaas (The Hatto disc contains one more piece-- "Pour le tombeau de Paul Dukas" by Falla. I have not identified its origin yet)

Hatto CACD 91692 An Anthology of Recital Encores Vo. 2 Tr.08: Rubinstein Scherzo Op.75-12 is taken from; Marco Polo 8-223176 Pianist: Josef Banowetz (This Rubinstein piece was recorded only once in CD era)

Hatto CACD 91112 Liszt Operatic Transcriptions The Italian Opera Vol.2 Tr.1: Hexameron (B) Tr.3: Reminiscences des Puritans (B) Tr.4: Reminiscences de Lucia de Lammermoor (B)

Hatto CACD 91122 Liszt Operatic Transcriptions The Italian Opera Vol.3 Tr.1: Pacini "Niobe" fantasy (A) Tr.2: Donizetti Valse (A) Tr.3: Bellini Introduction et Polonaise (A) Tr.4: Sonnambula (B) Tr.5: Lucia (A) These tracks are came from two CDs. (A) Hungaroton HCD 31547 (B) Hungaroton HCD 31299 Pianist: Endre Hegedus

Hatto CACD 9217-2 Rachmaninov Tr.4-9: Six moments musicaux Op.16

Hatto CACD 9179-2 Rachmaninov The Transcriptions Tr.1-14. Complete transcriptions These tracks are taken from; Harmonia Mundi (Saison Russe) RUS 288 122 Pianist: Alexander Guindin

Hatto CACD 20042 Ravel Complete piano music is taken from; ACCORD 476 0941, Pianist: Roger Muraro

Hatto CACD 20032 MESSIAEN Vingt Regards is taken from; Centaur CRC 2627/2628, Pianist: Paul Kim

Hatto CACD 91692
An Anthology of Recital encores Vol.2

Tr.4: Schubert-Godowsky Rosamunde
Tr.10: Albeniz-Godowsky Tango
are taken from;
Pianist: Marc-Andre Hamelin
(no speed manipulation here)

Tr.9: Busoni Kammer-Fantasie uber Carmen
is taken from
Russian Disc RDCD 10026
Pianist: Leonid Kuzmin
("Hatto" is slightly slower than original)

Tr.11: Sinding Rustle of Spring
is taken from;
Hyperion CDA 67379
Pianist: Philip Martin
(No speed manipulation here.)

Tr.12: Rossini-Liszt La Danza
is taken from;
EMI (fr) 7243-5-55382-2-2
Pianist: Francois-Rene Duchable
("Hatto" is slightly slower copy of Duchable)

Hatto CACD 91332
Liszt Operatic Paraphrase & Transcriptions Vol.1 (Verdi)

Tr.3: Aida Coro di festa e marcia funebre
is taken from;
Assai 222172
Pianist: Giovanni Bellucci
(This track is also used as tr.6 of CACD 91112, Liszt Operatic Paraphrase &
Transcriptions Vol.3)

Hatto CACD 92742 Dukas Complete Piano music
Tr.21: "Pour le tombeau de Paul Dukas" by Falla is taken from; BIS CD 773
Pianist: Miguel Baselga
(the "Hatto" is slightly slowed-down version of BIS recording)

Hatto CACD 91342 Beethoven-Liszt Symphonies Vol.1
Tr.1-5: Symphony No. 6 ‘Pastoral’ is taken from;
Naxos 8.557170 Liszt Complete Piano Music Vol.19
Pianist: Konstantin Scherbakov
(The speed of each track is slightly changed . But the 2nd movement goes at
almost same speed. Just compare the opening of this movement. They'll
perfectly match)

Under investigation:

Hatto CACD 91352 Liszt "Harmonies poetiques " I've checked Ciccolini (the 1st recording) and Nikonovitch (Japanese DENON release), but they didn't match. I don't have Muraro disc (Accord 476 1887) at this moment, but it is most likely, since very few pianist have squeezed this cycle on single CD.

Norihiko Nagata


"Hatto's Brahms 1 is Gutierrez/Previn.

Here's the visual: http://img244.imageshack.us/img244/944/hattono4.jpg



"When I first listened to "Hatto's" Scarlatti vol 3 (CACD 9210-2), I noticed a remarkable similarity between some of her interpretations and those of Sergei Babayan on ProPiano PPR224506 (http://www.propiano.com/cds-224506.html). At the time, I simply assumed that Hatto had heard Babayan's CD and decided to emulate some of his performances. I've now gone back and done some comparative listening, and am all but certain that the following tracks on Hatto's CD are indeed Babayan's: K54 (track 4), K79 (track 5), K365 (track 13), K445 (track 14) and K547 (track 20). I've also concluded that the following tracks are (almost certainly) identical to those from Maria Tipo's EMI CD: K109 (track 6), K342 (track 12) and K425 (track 16).

I'm not an audio engineer and do not have the technical equipment to prove this. Nor am I a professional musician. I base my observations on ornaments, accents, dynamics and rubato, which seem identical in all these cases. For example, Babayan will sometimes vary his ornaments, starting one on the principal note and the next one on the upper note. "Hatto" follows exactly the same pattern. Four of the five duplicates with Babayan are 10-20 seconds longer on the Hatto disc and sound somewhat drier. Only one of the three duplicates with Tipo has a significantly different timing, and it's about 15 seconds shorter.

Seth Adelman.


I've now been able to match (by ear) all the tracks in "Hatto's" Scarlatti vol. 1 to either Dubravka Tomsic (various budget labels) or Balázs Szokolay (Naxos 8.550252, a 1989 release not part of their ongoing complete series). Here¹s the rundown (the Tomsic disc uses Longo numbers):

³Hatto² track 1: K. 162 = Tomsic (L. 21)
Track 2: K. 198 = Szokolay
Track 3: K. 380 = Szokolay
Track 4: K. 87 = Szokolay
Track 5: K. 259 = Tomsic (L. 103)
Track 6: K. 159 = Tomsic (L. 104)
Track 7: K. 466 = Szokolay
Track 8: K. 481 = Szokolay
Track 9: K. 135 = Szokolay
Track 10: K. 146 = Tomsic (L. 349)
Track 11: K. 11 = Tomsic (L. 352)
Track 12: K. 1 = Tomsic (L. 366)
Track 13: K. 19 = Tomsic (L. 383)
Track 14: K. 14 = Tomsic (L. 387)
Track 15: K. 39 = Tomsic (L. 391)
Track 16: K. 551 = Tomsic (L. 396)
Track 17: K. 9 = Tomsic (L. 413)
Track 18: K. 141 = Szokolay

Stated timings are identical to the originals or nearly so, so there doesn¹t appear to be any significant time-manipulation. In most cases I could identify unique (or most likely unique) elements like fingerslips, a particular pattern of accents or ornaments, or (in one case) an audible edit, all of which matched to the second. Sometimes I had to rely on less specific factors like phrasing and dynamics, but am still confident about the matches."


From rec.music.classical.recordings on Usenet:

"Of the works on CONCERT ARTIST CACD 9131-2, Debussy, The Complete Piano Works Vol. 2 , as by "Joyce Hatto", several pieces have been identified:

  • Arabesque I is by Pascal Rogé (Decca)
  • Hommage a Haydn is by François-Joël Thiollier (Naxos)
  • At least several etudes, perhaps all, are by François-Joël Thiollier (Naxos), with serious, sometimes grotesque speed distortion in some of them.

Comparison work done by Henk and your humble servant. Further identifications and corroborations would be welcome.

Best, MrT"


There is also a list being compiled on the Joyce Hatto entry at Wikipedia:

Recording Sources and possible sources
CACD20012 -- Chopin Mazurkas Eugen Indjic's 1988 performances released on the Claves label and re-released on Calliope 3321 in 2005. The number of mazurkas on both CD sets is the same, but the ordering of the mazurkas is different. The CACD20012 release has added filtering, and the speeds of each performance pair vary slightly in the range of a few percent (+1.2%, -2.8%, and -0.7% for three sample mazurkas).
CACD20022 -- Godowsky Studies on Chopin Etudes Some studies are identical to those played by the pianist Carlo Grante on a CD issued by Altarus. Study No.3 is a copy of Marc-André Hamelin's recording on Hyperion. Study No. 18a is most likely from Carlo Grante CDDBid 3d11d218 (there are two sets of performances by Grante). Study No. 27 may or may not be by Hobson. Study No. 48 may or may not be by Hobson.
CACD20032 -- Messiaen Vingt regards sur l'enfant-Jésus. A copy of a performance by Paul Kim, recorded for Centaur at the Patrych Sound Studios, New York City, in January 2002, time stretched by 2.4%.
CACD20042 -- Ravel Complete Piano Music. Found to be a copy of a CD release by Roger Muraro on the Accord label (Universal Classics France), recorded in May, 2003.
CACD80002 -- Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1, Two Rhapsodies, Op.79 & Rhapsody Op.119 No. 4. PC 1 copied from a performance by Horacio Gutiérrez with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Andre Previn on the Telarc label.
CACD80012 -- Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2, Klavierstücke Op.118. PC 2 copied from a performance by Vladimir Ashkenazy with the Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Bernard Haitink on Decca.
CACD90682 -- Bach Goldberg Variations. At least in part a copy of a performance by Chen Pi-Hsien available on Naxos.
CACD90842 -- Liszt Transcendental Studies. Found to be a copy of performances by László Simon (released by BIS Records) and by Minoru Nojima. Ten of the twelve studies were Simon's performances; the other two were copied from Nojima.
CACD90852 -- Saint-Säens Piano Concerto No. 2 appears to be the performance of Jean-Philippe Collard, accompanied by conductor Andre Previn, on EMI.[7]
CACD91112 -- Liszt Operatic Transcriptions: The Italian Opera, vol 2. Derived from two CDs (Hungaroton HCD 31547 and HCD 31299) performed by Endre Hegedűs.
CACD91202 -- Albeniz Iberia. At least in part a copy of a performance by Jean-Francois Heisser on Erato.
CACD91272 -- Rachmaninov Preludes Some are copied from John Browning's performances on Delos: Op. 23 No. 4 in D Major, Op. 32 No. 5 in G Major, and Op. 32 No. 12 in G sharp minor are confirmed matches.
CACD 91342 -- Beethoven Symphonies transcribed by Liszt vol. 1. Tracks 1-5: Symphony No. 6 'Pastoral' from Konstantin Scherbakov's recording on Naxos 8.557170 (Liszt Complete Piano Music Vol.19), with slight time stretching.
CACD91682 -- An Anthology of Recital Encores, Vol. 1. Suspected to be from a set of CDs released in the early 1990's on the Naxos label.
CACD91692 -- An Anthology of Recital Encores. Track 8: Rubinstein Scherzo taken from the label Marco Polo 8-223176 which is performed by Josef Banowetz. Note: it appears that this work has only been recorded once in the CD era.
CACD91792 -- Rachmaninov The Transcriptions. Tracks 1-14 are taken from Harmonia Mundi (Saison Russe) RUS 288 122 performed by Alexander Ghindin. (see also CACD92172 entry)
CACD92172 -- Rachmaninov Piano Concertos. Found to be a copy of performances by Yefim Bronfman, conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen released by Sony. Coupled with Six moments musicaux Op.16, from Alexander Ghindin's performance on Harmonia Mundi (Saison Russe) RUS 288 122.
CACD92432 -- Chopin Etudes. At least some of these are copies of performances by Yuki Matsuzawa on the Novalis label.
CACD92742 -- Dukas complete piano music. Taken from SIMAX PSC1177 performed by Tor Espen Aspaas. One track on the CD, "Pour le tombeau de Paul Dukas" by Falla, is taken from Miguel Baselga's recording on BIS CD 773 (reduced slightly in speed).







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